Victor Gelsomino is one of the most sought after actors in Houston. His latest films include Narco Sub and Monstrous, as well as the fan film Halloween Night where he plays Trevor. He can also be found in his film The Punisher Killzone which he directed, produced, as well as acted in.  

His talents extend beyond just acting. He is a well-known stunt coordinator, producer, director and physical trainer. Victor grew up with a love for many sports such as baseball, soccer and basketball. He also has martial training with an intense training of Kung Fu in China and American style boxing. After suffering for a decade with severe pain, he was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This lead him to rediscover his love for film.

After completing film school, Victor went on to make over 40 short films while acting, producing and stunt coordinating for other films such as Outrage, The Last Astronaut, Vixens and Villains and many more!  

Today, Victor is the owner and creator of Hand Cannon Productions. But he also enjoys helping others stay fit and healthy as a personal trainer. In his spare time he unwinds by working out, watching movies, and playing video games.