Preslee Tucker, born in Houston, Texas, has been pursuing her acting career since the age of 15. At an early age, Preslee trained as a competitive cheerleader for 9 years. When she was 8, she trained in mixed martial arts for 2 years. Tucker grew up in a very athletic family and trained in track with her grandfather, Ben Portis, who is also a football coach. Her first film she was casted in was at the age of 10, in the movie Project Aether. Most of the films she's starred in has been with Shawn Welling. She has been in a couple commercials and independent films outside of Welling Films.

In Tucker's dance career, she has trained under many people within the dance community. She is trained in HipHop and break dancing. In 2014-2015, Pat Garrett, choreographer for Ghost Crew on ABDC Season 5, became her mentor and taught her how to listen to music and execute the way the music is portraying. Through her training with Pat, she spreads his knowledge to kids at multiple studios around Houston, Texas. In 2017, Tucker made it to World of Dance Season 2, starring JLo, Neyo, Derek Hough and Jenna Dewan. Tucker was a spokesperson for her team, GirlCool, and made it to the duel round.

In 2020, Tucker has shifted her attention more on acting. She has worked as a personal assistant for Shawn Welling and has been learning more about the industry behind the scenes on Welling Films sets. While she is auditioning for roles, she is training with Houston's acting coach, Lee Stringer as well as Glenn Morshower.