Janet Wang is an actress, stunt woman, aerialist and make up artist. Her latest films include Monstrous, where she is one of the 17 deadliest killers. In this film, she plays the embodiment of “Domestic Violence”.  She also appears as an extra in Narco Sub, and Harley Quinn in a Batman short film made by Westmount Action Design. She has a history of playing lead roles in a number or theatrical performances in her earlier years, and performing on stage as an aerialist.

Janet’s acting skills come from many years of theater arts training as a child into her early adult years. Her skills as a stunt woman are a combination of her martial training in Taekwondo Do and Muay Tai Kickboxing. Her aerial training has given her great body awareness which enables her to perform amazing wire stunts. As a screen fighter, she is able to make simple movements look larger than life.

As a make up artist, Janet established herself as a premier hair and make-up artist early in her career. She specialized in couture and fantasy makeup which naturally led to special effects and practical effects for film and theater.

In her spare time, she enjoys fitness, eating, and art and crafts. One of her favorite things to do is make props, or work on creating bigger and better practical effects like squibs, bloody melons, and sugar glass! Janet can also speak several languages including Mandarin and French.