Welling’s background comes from producing and directing over 16 off-broadway shows. Welling has been hired by every network including global entertainment giants such as Cirque Du Soleil to choreograph and perform. With his dance and choreography background, Welling soon began filming some of the greatest urban dancers leading into a film career spanning over 30 films, 80 festival wins and 100 million views worldwide.

Welling’s first film, House of Dreams, won a Gold and a Platinum Remi at Worldfest International Film Festival. His second film, The Messenger: 360 days of Bolivar was premiered and sold out at Landmark, AMC, and Angelika Theaters. The Messenger was awarded best feature film of 2009 by Houston Press. In 2011, Welling premiered his third feature film Project Aether, which was based on a true story. Project Aether earned numerous awards including Houston Film Critic's Society best actress, the coveted young performers award, Houston Film Critic's Society director award for best world premiere and best director of 2011 by Houston Press.

He works continuously on his web series, AXI: Avengers of Extreme Illusions. Welling has over 83,000 subscribers and 240 million views on Youtube. AXI’s success skyrocketed in 2012-2013 and won Grand Remi for Best Web Series. He enjoys the lauded release of his fourth feature, The Legend of Dark Horse County, starring Lee Majors, Michael Biehn and Olivia "Chachi" Gonzales.

In 2014, Welling was hired to be director of photography for the movie, Hidden in the Woods, starring Michael Biehn and William ForsytheLater that year, Welling directed Biehn in The Legend of Dark Horse County.

In 2015, Welling Films won 11 awards for shorts, features and web series, including a World of Dance Industry Award, presented in Hollywood at the Avalon Theatre. That year, Welling released a short film about his dog, Max, who he loved very much. If I Could Talk quickly became Welling's most watched film. The short was streamed worldwide with over 90 million views. Welling’s success with If I Could Talk gave him the idea to create a sequel. He directed If I Could Run and If I Could Bark. In 2015, Welling married the love of his life, Michelle, a Houston-based photographer.

Welling entered 2016 with four shorts and two features in production. As well as many more features, shorts and webisodes. Welling premiered the feature The Blimp Trap, a story about two imaginative Texas pre-teens who "caught" the Goodyear blimp in 1970s Texas. The lead, Isabella Blake-Thomas, won the Best Young Actress award for her role as Billy in the film.

In 2017, Welling released Strange Bird, an ambitious speculative fiction short film with an epic focus. Starring Preslee Tucker, who won the Best Young Performer award for her work on the film. Welling was also named a Filmmaker Ambassador for the Chinese / American partnership.

In 2018, If I Could Run was released and has already received 27 festival awards worldwide and 3 nominations, thus being Welling's highest award winning film to date.

Welling began his first work with Derek Potts in directing "The Last Astronaut" which Potts was a producer on, a sci-fi drama starring ABC's world of dance, Eva Igo as Evena. In November of 2018, Shawn and his wife, Michelle Simmons, brought into the world their first daughter, EmmaRain Welling - Godparented by actor Lee Majors and his wife Faith Majors. Their baby girl is featured in the movie, portraying a newborn Evena. The movie, The Last Astronaut, went on to win 5 awards, "rising star - Eva Igo", "best young actress - Chloe Klitus", "best young actress - Alexis Arnold", "best cinematography", "best sci-fi feature", and 1 nomination for best supporting actor- Darrin Henson.

Wellings side feature for 2020 is an adventurous sci fi drama “Monstrous: Interview with a Killer”.

Welling also produced and directed 3 award winning shorts in 2020 and another K-9 based featurette in 2020 called “Flight 483” with producers of Life and Sights.

 The first big film out of the gate for 2020 is "Narco Sub" which would return Welling back to directing Lee Majors along with Robert Lasardo and action favorite Tom Sizemore.